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Ways of Becoming a Better Learner

Are you wondering how some people learn faster than others? Do you want to become an efficient and an effective leaner? Experts believe that the speed of learning doesn’t matter at all! Critical components of learning are transfer, retention and recall. Good learners know how to remember stuff, use details properly and recall information at any hour. So, how will you become a better learner? Are there ways of improving your study strategies? Here are some tips to try:

#1 Improve Your Memory

To become a better learner, you should improve your ability to remember things. Try to improve your memory management skills. This means, you should avoid cram sessions, fine-tune focus and structure your study routines. Psychological changes can improve the efficiency of your learning hours. Likewise, memory improvement strategies will help you retain information and maximize the total level of memorization.

#2 Learn Every day

An article in Nature quoted that the best way to become a better learner is by learning every day! A lot of people tend to engage in activities that help them master a skill and become better learner. For example, you are likely to forget a new language when you don’t speak or read it. The phenomenon – use it or you lose it works well for languages. Scientifically, this is known as pruning. Some pathways in the brain are eliminated, when you don’t use them properly. So, if you want to remember new information for a very long time, you should keep rehearsing or practicing it.

#3 Learn from Different Sources

You can become a better learner in many ways. Instead of reading or listening to lectures, there are several other ways of focusing on learning. The more committed you are about the subject, the better you become. Likewise, you should learn from different sources. Redundancy in study materials will increase the likelihood of you remembering something. Sooner, you will be able to cross-refer data. This is a simple indication that you have learnt stuff and not memorized.

#4 Teach What you Know

“Teaching” is a great way to become a better learner. Educators believe that you learn when you teach. Begin by transferring and translating information into your own language or words. This will solidify data (new information) in your brain. Next, you should find a good source to share your new knowledge. This could be anything like a podcast, blog post or by participating in a study group.

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