Steps to Prepare for SAT

The number of tips for scoring high in SAT has reached a super-saturated point. There are so many unsolicited and solicited tips on how to score high on the SAT. It can be quite difficult to spot good strategies from the rest. However, there are a few tips that work well for everyone. There are essential points you should keep in mind while preparing for the SAT.

#1 Prepare

There is nothing as useful as SAT preparation exams. These tests are designed to prepare and nurture you for the big one. Try to block some time for these tests. The tests will help you stay on track and check your endurance. The process of appearing for a 3 hour 45 min practice test can be grueling, However, this is the best way to prepare for the final exam. After every practice exam, you will be able to improve on your weak points and evaluate performance.

#2 Know the Structure

Knowing the SAT test structure is very important to scoruing high. Except for the critical reading segment, SAT questions are arranged in an increasing order of toughness. This means, questions towards the beginning will be easier and faster to solve than the ones in the end. So, try to spend less time on the easier ones. This way, you will be able to crack as many questions as possible.

#3 Read

“Read” before taking any SAT practice exam. As mentioned previously, you should become familiar with topics before the practice exam. When you read passages for the comprehension test, you should stop and analyze everything. Try to understand more about the author’s actual argument. If there are words you don’t understand, study the vocabulary! Now, the SAT is not a spelling bee competition or a crossword game. You don’t have to remember every other word. Yet, good vocabulary will increase your chances of getting a high SAT score. Make flashcards and improve your vocabulary whenever possible.

#4 Know Your Calculator

The best way to score high in SAT Math is by using your “calculator”. During the exam, you should treat your calculator as your best friend. Calculators will help you save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Learn more about your calculator and things will become easy on the final day.

#5 Use Multiple Choice Questions Wisely

Finally, check how multiple choice questions can be used to score more. Multiple choice questions are always at the advantage of students. This doesn’t make the test easy. However, it will help you reassure your answer.  

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