Way More Than A Bed On Stilts: Build this 21st Century Loft Bed Yourself

Way More Than A Bed On Stilts is written for the person or family who is living in a crowded living space. It shows them more options to cope with their pressing needs, through creative and practical furnishings. If a strategy of life improvement includes basic needs, plus education, organization and discipline, we will have to accommodate those continually. Of course we need a bed, but we also wish to store our clothes in a ready to wear condition. Yes, we need education, but we also need a place to study and an organized way to store and access our study materials. If we lack a clothes closet, or bureau, or a desk, organized storage, or the space for it, we handicap ourselves! Way More Than A Bed On Stilts can help people overcome these types of limitations. This book contains a 21st century loft bed design. When built and used as designed, it is protected; it exceeds all applicable safety standards. Please read those standards and evaluate for yourself. This loft bed design is very durable. It won’t turn into shaky in a year or two. The frame will have to serve for many years. It may be disassembled and reassembled repeatedly to accommodate moving. This loft bed system is incredibly useful: it features multiple options for built in desks, shelving, drawers and containers. It accommodates clothes storage, books, files, supplies, games and lighting. The design is modular; the accessory options fit together in several combinations. On top of all this, more than one may fit in a room! This system is designed for most of the electronic accoutrements of modern life. This is the 21st century. Way More Than A Bed On Stilts is a do-it-yourself project. If you’re at all handy, You’ll build this, at the same time as saving money. The sample configuration loft bed with a desk, bureau, and closet rod cost about the same as a comparable size bureau alone (apart from the mattress of course). This is do-able for many people. Just follow the instructions and choose wisely. You’ll do it!


















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