Triangulo, 5th Edition, Softcover (includes 1 Yr Learning Site) (Spanish Edition)

Triángulo Aprobado is a new, exciting program for the recently revised AP Spanish Language and Culture exam that stresses critical thinking skills and language proficiency. The usage of culturally authentic material, the program comprises several components a student textbook, a teachers manual, DVDs with audio recordings and an on-line Learning Site accessed through the Wayside Publishing website that work together to provide results. Themes The six chapters of the Manual para Estudiantes address the unique global themes and their overarching essential questions initiated by the College Board. Global Challenges,Science and Technology,Up to date Life, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, Beauty and Aesthetics. In Triángulo Aprobado each and every global theme is apportioned into six contexts suggested by the College Board as thematic guides to the exam. What makes this program so effective is the comprehensive access to articles, audios, videos, tables, graphs, and images on each and every global theme and sub-theme. In addition, each and every exam task is practiced within each and every suggested context. This allows the teacher to recombine materials to create classroom activities and projects that explore all kinds of cultural points. Integrating culture Triángulo Aprobado brings to life the College Board s Themes by giving students insight into what it s like to live in Spanish-speaking communities. Cápsulas Culturales and Preguntas Culturales allow students and teachers to explore places, events, people, products, practices and perspectives. Cápsulas Culturales These short compositions offer insight into a significant person, social or political issue, historical event or cultural value. At the conclusion of each and every Cápsula, an issue titled Comparaciones can be utilized to further link the home culture to Spanish-speaking cultures. Preguntas Culturales These cultural insights are designed to lead to investigation, thought and critical thinking about a specific product found in the Spanish-speaking world. The questions are designed to elicit discussion about what the product is, how it is used and why it is used. The Learning Site The Wayside Publishing Learning Site provides supplemental materials and activities for Triángulo Aprobado including vocabulary exercises, audios, videos, readings and interpersonal and presentational tasks. With a focal point on communication, activities promote student-to-student and student-to-teacher discussions through the site s writing and recording forum feature. Pre and post reading and listening activities include open-ended questionnaires, interactive quizzes with schema activators such as external links, images and audios and videos. Discovery options for cultural questions and collaborative exchanges can also be assigned as homework or used in class. All of these activities have been created to encourage class discussion and projects within a class, a school or around the globe. A community forum allows teachers to exchange professional ideas, tips and tricks, as well. A mid-year and final exam (accessible only to teachers) provides a comprehensive review for students. Success for your students Triángulo Aprobado will help your students succeed on the AP Spanish Language and Culture test. This new, thematically-based program provides flexibility for teachers and makes suggestions on how to develop creative activities with the program s authentic materials to immerse students in Spanish language and culture.




















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