The Zen of Passing the Bar Exam

Zen is an approach to life and so is studying for the bar exam. The Zen of Passing the Bar Exam offers a comprehensive approach to studying for (and passing) the bar exam, drawing a parallel between how one will have to approach the bar exam, and how Zen principles teach one to approach life. Each section of the book offers a Zen quote to introduce concepts that may be applied to studying for the bar exam with a purpose to maximize your chances of passing. Zen teaches that with a purpose to reach enlightenment, one will have to strive to be balanced, know your true self, know your universe, and stay focused on your path. In a similar way, with a purpose to reach the enlightenment of passing the bar exam, one will have to have the attributes of balance (between studying and other aspects of life, as well as balancing your study time between subjects, and between essays, MBE questions, etc.), knowing your true self (what type of essay author you are, what type of learner you are, what type of exam taker you are, etc.), knowing your universe (knowing the law, how the questions are constructed, what to look for, etc.), and staying focused on your path (when to study, what to do if you find yourself stressed/panicked, what to do when you don t know a subject very well, etc.). Along with offering a comprehensive approach to studying for the bar exam, the book also offers specific, practical advice for doing well on both the essay and MBE portions of the bar exam. The book outlines specific organizational/formatting tips for how to write effective (and efficient) essays under bar exam time constraints. The book is ideal for adoption for any law school bar preparation course (or Academic Fortify Program), providing many exercises, examples, and model answers applicable to any state s bar exam.


















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