The New Medical School Preparation & Admissions Guide, 2016: New & Updated For Tomorrow’s Medical School Applicants and Students

An up to date and comprehensive guide to medical school preparation and admissions, including the latest information on the new MCAT and future admission trends. Competition for a limited number of places in the nation’s medical schools is increasing, so students should have a competitive edge. Dr. Goliszek’s guide is unsurpassed for the timely and expert information it offers about all aspects of premedical planning and successful admissions strategies. One of the most areas covered are: Undergraduate curricula that increase the chances for successful admission; academic and non-academic activities that make you stand out as a potential candidate; scholastic and personal qualities that all medical schools are specifically in search of; the kinds of medical schools you’re most likely to be admitted to based on your qualifications; the new Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), with study tips and new key science terms; over 300 actual interview questions, at the side of tips on what to say and do on the interview; chapter on minority admissions, including lists of summer minority enrichment programs; chapter on high school preparation and pre-college planning for students, teachers, and advisors; chapter on alternate health careers, at the side of employment trends for the next decade and beyond; chapter on study, learning, memorizing, and test-taking skills for students at all levels; lists of medical schools with the best records of accepting women, minorities, and non-residents; medical school rankings based on undergraduate GPA, MCAT scores, and state of residence; up-to-date information and data on all 144 U.S. medical schools, in addition to medical schools opening in 2016-2017. With such a lot of well-qualified students competing for places in the nation’s medical schools, this up to date Medical School Preparation & Admissions Guide will get rid of weaknesses and allow you to develop the qualifications needed for successful admission. Dr. Goliszek not only explains everything about medical school planning, preparation, and admissions, he describes in detail and example exactly how to grow to be the ideal candidate that every medical program is in search of.




















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