The Mentee’s Guide: Making Mentoring Work for You

Praise for The Mentee’s Guide

The Mentee’s Guide inspires and guides the potential mentee, provides new insights for an adventure in learning that lies ahead, and underscores my personal belief and experience that mentoring is circular. The mentor gains as much as the mentee in this evocative relationship. Lois Zachary’s new book is a great gift.”
Frances Hesselbein, chairman and founding president, Leader to Leader Institute

“Whether you are the mentee or mentor, born or made for the role, you are going to gain much more from the relationship by practicing the fun and easy, A-to-Z principles of The Mentee’s Guide by the master of excellence, Lois Zachary.”
Ken Shelton, editor, Leadership Excellence

“With this deeply practical book filled with stories and useful exercises, Lois Zachary completes her ground-breaking trilogy on mentoring. Must-reading for those on the lookout for a richer understanding of this deeply human relationship as well as anyone seeking a mentor, whether for new skills, job advancement, or deeper wisdom.”
Laurent A. Parks Daloz, senior fellow, The Whidbey Institute, and writer, Mentor: Guiding the Journey of Adult Learners

“Lois Zachary and Lory Fischler’s book confirms the importance of providing newly appointed leaders with the beef up and tools they need to maximize the learning opportunities available through a mentoring relationship. Principals and vice-principals in Ontario currently value Zachary’s books on creating a culture of mentoring and her guide for mentors in facilitating effective relationships. This new resource completes the collection and provides a comprehensive resource for establishing successful mentoring programs.”
Joanne Robinson, senior consultant, Education Leadership Canada

“Lois Zachary understands the essence of mentoring. Her new book, written with her associate, Lory Fischler, is another great tool for me as a leader, working with mentoring each day, at all times looking to make the relationships more effective. Successful mentoring is not about a cup of coffee now and then; this can be a real, committed relationship with clear expectations on both sides.”
Pernille Lopez, president, IKEA US

“A leading authority on mentoring, Lois Zachary writes with the clarity of purpose and generosity of spirit that animate successful mentoring relationships. Based on solid research, her book presents useful exercises and juicy, real-life examples that will help you make your time as a mentee wonderfully productive and affirming.”
Sheila Grinell, president and CEO emeritus, Arizona Science Center

“This easy -to-read, highly practical and reliable book teaches lessons that lead to successful mentoring in cross-cultural and international environments.”
Eric Ng, president, ESSN International Pte Ltd, Training & Consultancy Services

Lois J. Zachary and Lory A. Fischler

Top 10 Reasons Why The Mentee’s Guide Will Help You Get the Most Out of Mentoring

  1. Work more effectively with your mentor, so as to build your skills, knowledge, abilities and expand your thinking.
  2. Build agree with in your mentoring relationships.
  3. Create mentoring relationships that benefit the mentor and the mentee.
  4. Become more proficient at articulating and clarifying your learning goals.
  5. Establish agreements that keep the relationship on track.
  6. Learn when it would be most valuable to engage in a mentoring relationship.
  7. Increase your capacity to ask for and receive feedback.
  8. Explore new types of mentoring.
  9. Understand when and how to come to closure in your mentoring relationship.
  10. Find out what it takes to mentor someone else.























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