The 7 Steps to Bar Exam Success: The Strategy Guide for Passing Your Bar Exam with Greater Confidence, in Less Time, and with Less Stress than the Rest

Pass Your Bar Exam in 33% less time and with 50% less stress than the Rest My Law School Stats: – Graduated in the bottom half of my class – Failed the MPRE twice – Horrible legal writing grades – I had a 1/3 statistical chance of passing based on my class rank – 60% of the bar takers failed the same exam I took And, yet I still passed the California bar exam. I’m going to show you how to become a Bar Exam Passer too. This Bar Exam Guide Book is Designed for Bar Takers Who Want to Be More Effective and Efficient in Their Bar Exam Preparation There are just a few key concepts you wish to have to know and put into practice that most other bar students will never know about. I’ll show you how to implement the same strategies that helped me, my bar clients, and dozens of thousands of my blog readers and podcast listeners with step-by-step guidance and directions. You’ll be able to learn how to: – Spend less time on your bar prep by being focused only on what in point of fact matters. The biggest myth of the bar exam preparation is that you have to spend most of your time studying and memorizing rules. I tried this for a couple weeks, until I learned it did nothing to help me pass the essays or bar exam multiple choice. The name of the game is to do as many bar exam questions and essays as you’ll be able to, in specific manner which I can lay out for you. Decrease Your Stress and Anxiety through the Scientific Principles of Neuroscience and Mental Performance Theory I’ll show you how the top performers and professionals use their mind and body to maximize their mindset, focus, and energy. When you use these strategies, you learn how to keep watch over your emotions, rather than have them keep watch over you. More Things You’ll be able to Learn About Bar Exam Preparation This book will show you how to: – Increase Your Productivity and Motivation with 1 simple Phrase – Discover the REAL reason in the back of your anxiety and how you’ll be able to beat it – Pick the Best Bar Prep Option for You – Give you the 1-page script to read to program your mind for success – Give you the 11 Keys to Passing Your Bar Exam Essays – Learn and Focus only on the Needle-Moving Activities and what they are – Prepare for and Beat the #1 Killer of Bar Exam Success – Pass, whether you are taking a California, New York bar exam, or anywhere in between! This bar exam Book Will Save You From the Headache, Stress, and Struggle of trying to figure out how the bar works, so you’ll be able to focus on doing what in point of fact works to help you pass. I can show you why you think the bar prep is hard and how you’ll be able to make it easier on yourself to achieve passing results. A Personal Note From the Author: Despite my law school stats going into my exam, I had a seed of belief knowing, “If others can do it, so can I.” This belief helped me through the struggles, pain, and strife to figure out the bar exam system, beat it, and pass the California bar exam on my first attempt, without drinking any coffee to keep me up or using any flash cards to prepare! I know the emotions and challenges you are facing. I understand the pressure we have with so much on the line, to prepare for such a long time, and have so little time to show it. This is why I have put together this practice, strategic step-by-step bar exam survival kit for you to de-mystify the preparation process, fortify your confidence, and answer your bar exam questions so you’ll be able to pass the essays, multiple choice, and performance tests in less time and with less stress than the rest. Scroll up, click the buy button and get started on the path of a Bar Exam Passer today!























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