Strategies & Tactics for the MBE (Multistate Bar Exam)

Strategies and Tactics for the MBE is packed with the most valuable advice you can find on how to analyze MBE questions. You get details on how to care for each MBE subject, specific step by step strategies for analyzing different question types…how subtle differences in wording can completely change the meaning of an answer…how to "reword" questions in your mind to make them easier to analyze. <p class=”copymedium”> With Strategies and Tactics you also get a full-length, 200 question practice MBE, as well as over 350 additional questions broken down by subject. Before each subject, you get detailed advice on how to care for MBE questions on that subject, and how to focus your studies on the most well liked – and trickiest – MBE topics. For every question, you get a fully-explained answer that analyzes, in detail, every answer option. Finally, it’s just as important to know why you chose a fallacious answer – and how to avoid doing it again! – as it is to know why the correct response was the best choice. With Strategies & Tactics for the MBE, you can enter the MBE with the skills to succeed…and the confidence to excel. </p> <p class=”copymedium”> Key Points About this Book: </p> <ul> <li class=”copymedium”> Covers the entire new MBE specifications tested on the MBE as of July 2003 </li> <li class=”copymedium”> Every one of the most over 550 questions in this book represents an actual question asked on a past MBE </li> <li class=”copymedium”> This edition was personally prepared by Steve Emanuel to reflect the most recently – released MBE questions and the most up-to-date substantive legal rules </li> <li class=”copymedium”> Strategies and Tactics is written under the assumption that you haven’t seen any of the substantive law on the MBE since your first year in law school. For instance, if an answer addresses the M’Naghten Rule or quantum Meruit or vested remainders, the answer will refresh your memory for what those concepts mean before it analyzes how they relate to the question </li> <li class=”copymedium”> The answers in Strategies and Tactics don’t quote long, convoluted passages of codes and treatises. Instead, you get explanations in simple, easy-to-understand language. </li> <li class=”copymedium”> Numerous Multistate guides claim to give you in-depth analysis of answers. Open this book to an answer section, and compare it to any other Multistate book…and you can see that Strategies and Tactics is the only book that gives you the detailed insight you want </li> </ul> <p> </p>



















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