Sociology, Census Update (13th Edition)

Seeing Sociology in On a regular basis Life


John Macionis, like many college students, found his passion and life’s work after taking an introductory sociology course. Sociology helped him make sense of the world around him. John shares his enthusiasm, excitement and teaching experience through a clear and engaging writing style that connects with students.


This is the introductory sociology text that shows students how sociology is relevant in their daily lives. Sociology, 13/e, has an innovative new design, up to date and relevant student applications, plus a wealth of supplemental material. This revision elevates Sociology’s high standard of excellence, ensuring that it remains one of the crucial foremost comprehensive introductory sociology resources for students and instructors alike.


Sociology, 13/E strengthens the Macionis tradition of helping students see sociology in their On a regular basis life!

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What is the Pearson Census Update Program?


The Census Update edition incorporates 2010 Census data into a course–simply and easily. The components of the Census Update Program are as follows:

  • Census Update Edition – Features fully up to date data all through the text–including all charts and graphs–to reflect the result of the 2010 Census. This edition also includes a reproduction of the 2010 Census Questionnaire for your students to explore in detail.
  • 2010 Census Update Primer – A brief seven-chapter overview of the Census, including important information about the Constitutional mandate, research methods, who is affected by the Census, and how data is used. Additionally, the primer explores key up to date topics such as race and ethnicity, the family, and poverty. The primer may also be packaged with any Pearson text at no additional cost, and is to be had via MySocLab, MySocKit, and MySearchLab. The primer may also be purchased standalone.
    • 2010 Census Update Primer Instructor’s Manual with Test Bank  – Includes explanations of what has been up to date, in-class activities, homework activities associated with the MyLabs and MyKits, discussion questions for the primer, and test questions related to the primer.
  • MySocLab – Gives students the opportunity to explore the methods and data and apply the results in a dynamic interactive online environment. It includes:
    • primary source readings relevant to the Census
    • an online version of the 2010 Census Update Primer
    • a series of activities the use of 2010 Census results
    • video clips explaining and exploring the Census




















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