Ramsey PL300 Complete 300 In 1 Electronic Lab

300 projects plus the theory!
Build 300 exciting electronic projects
Solderless connections for safe assembly

After we introduced our PL130 lab kit, we were amazed at the customer response. Hundreds and hundreds were ordered, and re-ordered by everyone it is advisable believe! From parents for their kids, to grandparents for THEIR kids and grandkids! The response has been the same…THEY LOVE IT!. Weve expanded our line to include this 300 in one lab kit, and the 500 in one lab kit. This lab includes an unbelievable 165 page comprehensive manual covering the construction of EACH project and the theory in the back of it. Each component can be assembled onto the breadboard without soldering because they get connected to spring terminals. A lot of pre-cut insulated wire. The entire provided projects are powered by low voltage batteries, so there’s none of the danger associated with the usage of standard AC voltage. Detailed content within the instruction manual includes: -Surprise and Fun -Back to the Basics -Electronic “Building Blocks” -Putting Electronics to Work -Radio Circuits -Sonic Zoo and Sound Factory -Electronic Decision-Makers -Operational Amplifier IC Can Do Many Things -Introducing the Power Amplifier IC -A Commute to Digital Land -More Adventures in Digital Land -Circuits that Count -Getting Closer to Computers -Amusement in Digital Land -Shakehands of Analog and Digital -Surprise and Fun Revisited -Testing and Measuring Circuits. The owners manual provides simple, clearly-written instructions which let you operate and experiment with each project. Schematics/ diagrams accompany the projects.
300 projects plus the theory!
Build 300 exciting electronic projects
Solderless connections for secure assembly
No tools required!
165 page comprehensive instruction & theory manual!
















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