Principles of Economics

With its clear and engaging writing style, Principles of Economics (Sixth Edition) continues to be some of the popular books on economics available today. Mankiw emphasizes material that you are likely to find interesting about the economy (particularly in case you are studying economics for the first time), including real-life scenarios, useful facts, and the many ways economic concepts play a role in the decisions you make each day.

About This Edition

Principles of Economics (Sixth Edition) became a bestseller after its introduction and continues to be the most well liked and widely used text in the economics classroom. Instructors found it the perfect complement to their teaching. A text by a superb author and economist that stressed the most important concepts without overwhelming students with an excess of detail was a formula that was quickly imitated, but has yet to be matched. The sixth edition features a strong revision of content in all thirty-six chapters. Dozens of new applications emphasize the real-world relevance of economics for today’s students through interesting news articles, realistic case studies, and engaging problems. The premier ancillary package is the most extensive in the industry, the use of a team of instructors and preparers who have been with the project since the first edition. The text material is again fully integrated into Aplia, the best-selling online homework solution.

“I have tried to put myself in the position of someone seeing economics for the first time. My goal is to emphasize the material that students should–and do–find interesting about the study of the economy.” – N. Gregory Mankiw

New Features

  • The new, sixth edition of Principles of Economics contains extensively updated coverage of areas impacted by the financial crisis.
  • The sixth edition will be available with the most advanced new products for student and instructor choice, engagement, and outcomes.
  • New “Problems and Applications” appear during the sixth edition, providing an effective, integrated way for students to assess their mastery of the material and to review more efficiently for assignments and exams.

Additional Features

  • Created by economist Ron Cronovich of Carthage College, Premium PowerPoint® Presentations feature chapter-by-chapter slides designed to ease educators’ course preparation time at the same time as increasing student involvement in the classroom. The presentations organize lecture points into sections that students can easily digest, animate graphs the way instructors might draw them, and include “Student Note Prompt” handouts to facilitate effective note taking without distracting students from active participation in class.
  • “In the News” boxes include excerpts from many newspaper articles and encourage students to apply basic economic theory to discover how economics can provide an illuminating new perspective and enable greater understanding of world events.
  • “FYI” boxes provide additional material to expand key concepts and discussions by offering a glimpse into the history of economic thought, clarifying technical issues, and exploring supplementary topics you might choose to complement your core lectures.
  • Economic theory is most useful and interesting when applied to actual events and policies, which is why the text contains a large number of Case Studies to vividly illustrate the real-world applications and consequences of key principles.
  • “Quick Quizzes” follow each major section to help students check their comprehension of what they just learned and to focus their review when preparing for exams.
  • Each chapter contains quite a few problems and applications that encourage students to apply the material they have learned. These practical, interesting activities serve equally well as homework assignments and starting points for lively classroom discussions.

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