PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning: Question Type Training Vol. 2

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PowerScore’s LSAT Logical Reasoning: Question Type Training II provides you with every Logical Reasoning question from LSAT PrepTests 21 through 40. It is the only book available with questions grouped according to the PowerScore classification system, used in the LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible and in PowerScore LSAT courses worldwide. The book includes full chapters of each of the thirteen question types, as well as compilations of questions dealing with Conditional Reasoning, Causal Reasoning, Formal Logic, Numbers and Percentages, and Principles. Containing over 1000 questions in all, this book is an ideal training tool to increase your LSAT Logical Reasoning score. Please note: This book costs more than PowerScore’s LSAT Logical Reasoning: Question Type Training I because of the higher licensing cost of the questions contained in this book.


Grouping each question by type provides a variety of practical benefits:


• The questions in this book are an excellent practice resource, and an ideal supplement to the PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible and LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible Workbook.

• Grouping the questions by classification provides practice with specific types of questions, allowing particular focus on the question types you find most challenging.

• By examining questions with certain basic similarities, you’ll be able to analyze the features of each question type with a purpose to better be aware how problems are constructed, how they are able to be most easily recognized, and how they are able to best be solved. This is especially the case when you have already read the PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible.

• Even though you have not yet read the LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible, this book provides an excellent practice resource, allowing you to develop your familiarity with quite a lot of question types and with the Logical Reasoning section in general. At the end of the book a complete answer key is provided; then again, no explanations are provided.

PowerScore offers comprehensive LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT live and online preparation classes.  For more information about PowerScore’s publications or services, please visit PowerScore.com.

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