Patent Bar Exam Practice Questions – Volume I (Volume 1)

NEW — Completely Updated Version for post-October 4th, 2014 exams. Covers the 9th Edition MPEP including AIA material.

The Patent Bar Exam Practice Questions manual (Volume I) from Patent Education Series™ includes approximately 175 current patent bar exam practice exam questions to help you prepare for and pass the Patent Bar.

The questions are organized by topic. There are around 35 topics in all. This will ensure you’re studying every topic covered on the Patent Bar and hone in on areas you’re having difficulty with.

Answers are provided for each question, many with citations to the MPEP.

Taking practice exam questions is a great way to prepare for and pass the Patent Bar Exam. The questions cover the The us Invents Act (AIA) in conjunction with other important will have to-know topics.

The entire questions within the manual are organized by topic to help you track your progress and focus in on your weak areas. Full answers are provided for each question in conjunction with MPEP references.

This practice exam book contains a mixture of old questions from the USPTO that were freely distributed, new questions we have created, and old questions which were considerably updated.

If you’ll be able to get some of these questions free, why will have to you pay for them? There were several old exams published and distributed freely online by the USPTO and many of these questions have circulated around the Internet. The problem is, out of the questions that were made available, more than half of them are outdated.

If you simply take the old exams (which you’ll be able to still find online) and start studying from them the use of the currently tested MPEP, you can be in for a very frustrating experience. Those questions were all created in the early 2000’s, therefore they are over ten years old.

We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing old exam questions, correcting them, deleting those that no longer apply, updating the MPEP cross referencing in the explanations, and creating new exam questions on new material.

Many of the questions in this manual will be on your exam on test day. And you are going to see many others that are very similar to these.

Learn the material first through careful review of the MPEP or one of our other study aids. Then try your hand at the practice questions in this manual. Get on the road to beginning your career in patent law today.
















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