MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools

Going for an MBA? Show your management smarts by following this straight-talking advice that will direct you through the MBA admissions maze. Written by two leading experts in MBA admissions consulting, MBA Admissions for Smarties reveals vital, yet incessantly-neglected steps that will save you from the needless disappointment of applying at the improper time, for the improper reasons, or to the improper programs.

Part 1 of the book lays the foundation for a successful application by mapping out the key factors to imagine before you if truth be told apply. It guides you through clarifying your goals for an MBA – and why it’s essential that you do so. It shows you how to research MBA programs to see if you are a good fit, and then teaches you how to evaluate your qualifications for your target schools. This section concludes by preparing you to make a choice the right schools for you, taking into consideration your uniqueness as an individual with a unique learning style.

With that strong foundation the book then specializes in presentation – the nuts and bolts of the application process:

  • Essential tips on writing with clarity, specifics and meaning.
  • Key steps to maximizing the have an effect on of specific essay types, such as those that ask about goals, leadership, overcoming failure, and personal influences.
  • Secrets of crafting a strong MBA resume (it’s not a job resume) and gathering outstanding letters of recommendation that can tip the scales in your favor.
  • Indispensable steps to prepare you to shine throughout your interviews.
  • Finally, a special section with advice for special applicant groups: waitlisted, reapplicants, career changers, military, overrepresented groups and underrepresented minorities, as well as older applicants and younger applicants.

MBA Admissions for Smarties is chock-full of specific examples from winning essays, resumes and letters of recommendation, as well as advice from admissions committee directors and other industry experts. If you plan to apply to a top MBA program, this book will turn into your best friend.

















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