Kids Jungle Animal 3D Puzzle

It is a playful, 3D puzzle, It is a whimsical wood sculpture that looks great on a shelf! Every of these clever animal puzzles features five slotted pieces, which kids can purposefully mix up to create silly critters. Makes a charming kids’ room decoration, especially in the event you collect them all. Make a choice Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, or Zebra. Made of quality, eco-friendly rubberwood, a replenishable resource. For ages 2 and up. A Parents(R) magazine toy. Kids’ 3D puzzles offer many developmental benefits. Solving puzzles develops coordination, a sense of spatial relations, logical thinking, and concentration. Rubberwood comes from fast-growing rubber trees which are on the end of their latex-producing lifecycle. The use of rubberwood prevents deforestation and utilizes each and every a part of the rubber tree, which is why it is universally recognized as an environmentally-friendly choice. Elephant puzzle measures 8 1/4″L x 5 1/4″W x 6 1/2″H, Giraffe puzzle measures 7″L x 2 1/2″W x 11 1/2″H, Lion puzzle measures 7″L x 4 3/4″W x 6 1/4″H, and Zebra puzzle measures 7 1/2″L x 3 1/2″W x 9 1/2″H Wipe clean












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