International Student Recruitment Benchmarks

The study presents detailed benchmarking data from a sample of 32 college and university international student recruitment efforts, including Auburn, SUNY Binghamton, Carnegie Mellon, Fordham University, the University of Pittsburgh, Wright State University and plenty of others. The 113-page study helps its readers to respond to questions such as: What’s the increase or decrease for international student enrollment in 2014-15? What are the expectations for growth in international student enrollment? Which countries look the most promising? How much are colleges spending on advertising to international students and what means are they the usage of? Do they use paid agents? If that is so what are commission costs? How large are international student recruitment and maintenance staffs and What’s the trend in employment? How are colleges spending their international student recruitment budgets? What are admission and retention rates for international students and how do they compare to rates for domestic students? How are faculty used in international recruitment? How about international alumni? How are programs the usage of video? To what extent are promotional materials translated into foreign languages? Which of them? And a lot more. Just a number of the report’s many findings are that: Large public research universities have particularly benefited from the increasing price sensitivity of the international education market. The survey participants estimated that in 2014-15 international students as a percentage of total students was once 8.34% with a median of 7% and a range of 1% to 39%. Colleges charging annual tuition of less than $20,000 per year were the most likely to have one country dominate their foreign student enrollment. For colleges with more than 6,000 fte total students the median and mean number of student assistants employed in international student recruitment was once 2 and 3 respectively. The mean budget for trip, food and lodging for international student recruitment was once $38,550; the median $21,000 and the range from 0 to $175,000.
















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