Illustrations with Photoshop: A Designer’s Notebook

World-renowned French artists share their exciting and innovative digital creations in Illustrations with Photoshop: A Designer’s Notebook, a first-time English translation of the state-of-the-art French work. The images in this book will energize image professionals, graphic artists, photographers, computer graphics designers–all creators of images, whether still or animated–and will eternally change the way you see and perform your design work.Photoshop is best known among photographers as a photographic image manipulation tool; it is used largely for retouching and photomontage. But Photoshop is also a powerful and highly sophisticated tool for creating quality digital drawings and artwork. Artists, like the ones showcased within, use it to realize their unique vision through illustration.In this lavish, full-color collection, nine French graphic artists–well-known professionals from a vibrant culture with a reputation for taking creative risks and producing incomparable graphics and art–are turned loose with Photoshop. Ranging from advertising to children’s book illustration, science fiction to settings for graphic novels and role-playing games, their groundbreaking creations will inspire you to see your industry anew, appreciate graphic design from a changed perspective, and revitalize your work.Representing the very finest of French creation on the planet of graphic design and digital imaging, this notebook leads you into the heart of each writer’s artistic approach, guiding you through the inception and making of nine unparalleled artworks that spring from widely varying sources of inspiration. But you’ll be able to come away with more than ideas and inspiration–you’ll be able to find detailed, step by step information on making Photoshop do anything and everything you want to accomplish your ideal digital illustration.Unlike any other available, this visually stunning book gives you the creative license and technical know-how you want to create one-of-a-kind digital illustrations with Photoshop that are limited only by your imagination.

















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