How to Write Bar Exam Essays: Strategies and Tactics to Help You Pass the Bar Exam (Volume 2)

A will have to read for any bar exam student!


Everyone seems to have one part of the bar exam that they dislike more than the others. For some, it is the MBE; for others, the performance test. But, based on surveys of my Bar Exam Mind blog readers, the majority of bar exam students have the most trouble writing bar exam essays.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays gives you a systematic and uncomplicated approach to writing quality bar exam essays.

Along with being systematic, this book is also a quick read. Most bar exam essay books are huge tomes that take days of struggle to get through. This is unfortunate because the most important thing You’ll do to ensure you’re going to pass the essay portion of the bar exam is to practice writing essays.

This book shows you how to practice the right way.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays begins with a chapter discussing the right mindset for bar exam preparation. It is very important have the right mindset so You’ll handle the inevitable highs and lows you’re going to encounter whilst studying for the bar exam.

The next section of the book gets to the heart of the matter, discussing the four pillars of bar exam essay writing:

(1) technical requirements; (2) issue spotting; (3) outlining and formatting; and (4) analysis.

Each pillar has its own chapter, complete with examples.

How to Write Bar Exam Essays includes a detailed discussion of practice strategy and scheduling to make sure that your practice time is well spent. You’ll follow this method to the letter or use it as a basis for creating a practice method that works right for you.


How to Write Bar Exam Essays is Book 2 in the Pass the Bar Exam Series.

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