Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

THE HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL FAMILY HEALTH GUIDE is a medical home reference book from the medical school of what many would say is the finest university in the whole world. More detailed and wide-ranging in its coverage than any other available family health guide, it draws on the unrivalled expertise of 7000 health professionals working in the most respected hospitals and research centres in the US to deliver the most authoritative, comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information about the diagnosis, remedy and prevention of disease at every stage of human life. Guidance is also given on how to benefit from time spent in consultation with a doctor, and on how to make a decision between different remedy options. The entire text of THE HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL FAMILY HEALTH GUIDE has been adapted for a British readership by a distinguished cast of consultants and specialists from the best teaching hospitals and other medical institutions the length and breadth of Britain, all working under the guidance of The Times doctor, Dr Thomas Stuttaford.
At the moment, when you only get to see your physician for 10 minutes after waiting several weeks for an appointment, you’re continuously forced to get your information somewhere else. Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide will do what your doctor can’t: answer your questions for hours on end. This richly packed compendium offers more than a thousand pages of health information compiled from the expertise of 7,000 physicians and researchers. Whether you’re figuring out what your symptoms might mean, researching a disease, looking up a medication, learning about a body part or function, or formulating questions to ask your doctor, you’ll be able to find the medical knowledge here–and in simple, layperson’s language.

You can undoubtedly make the most use of the diagnosis section, in glide-chart form. You identify a symptom, then answer a series of “yes” or “no” questions–where the pain is located, when it occurs, what makes it worse, and other related symptoms, for example. Each answer leads you to another question and/or to an action you should take, with page numbers where you’ll be able to find more information about the condition you may have. Very clear and well organized! The Color Guide to Visual Diagnosis lets you match your symptom with close-up color photos of quite a lot of skin infections, cancerous growths, fungal infections, insect infestations, and other conditions. The book also has chapters on lifestyle changes that will improve health, such as nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and safe sex. Added bonuses are sections on eldercare, death and dying, drug interactions, and emergency care. This book is a treasure and a bargain! –Joan Price


















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