Handbook on the Entrepreneurial University (Elgar Original Reference)

This insightful Handbook offers a lens through which to view entrepreneurship strategy for higher education institutions, as it becomes increasingly more necessary for universities to imagine changing their strategies, culture and practices to turn out to be more entrepreneurial.

Is the idea of an entrepreneurial university a myth or a reality? Is the university model capable of adapting to new evolving trends and a more complex professional world? And, what’s the have an effect on of entrepreneurship in education? Through extensive research and case studies from one of the crucial leading entrepreneurial thinkers all over the world, Alain Fayolle and Dana Redford answer these questions and raise further issues for debate. Particular focus is given to developing university strategy, public policy and start-up strengthen as a means to foster graduate entrepreneurship. Each and every contribution explores different perspectives related to the entrepreneurial university concept and its role in stimulating economic growth through cooperative relationships with business and government.

As a comprehensive study of the entrepreneurial university, this Handbook will prove invaluable to business and entrepreneurship students and academics, in addition to university administrators, researchers and others interested in the evolution of the university.

Contributors: B.W. Åmo, V. Blok, J. Crayford, H. Dons, L.-J. Edwards, T. Erikson, A Fayolle, C. Fearon, A.A Gibb, P. Groenewegen, M. Grünhagen, M. Guerrero, S. Hakhverdyan, G. Haskins, W. Hulsink, N. Kalaitzandonakes, C. Kolympiris, T. Lans, D. Leunbach, R. Lubberink, N.G. MacKenzie, E.M. Markowska, E Markussen, S. McCarthy, K. Moberg, E.J. Muir, E.S. Mwasalwiba, O. Omta, G. Packham, D. Pickernell, D.T Redford, M. Reihlen, A. Salamzadeh, K. Schneeberger, M. Saua Svalastog, S. Steiner, D. Urbano, E. van Burg, G. van Vuuren-Cassar, W. van Vuuren, L. Vestergaard, C. Volkmann, I. Wakkee, F. Wenzlaff, Q. Zhang

















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