GRE Word List: 3861 GRE Words For High GRE Verbal Score

New 2016 Edition

Your search for the best GRE vocab prep book is finally over. When you buy GRE Word List with Free CD #1 Download, you get all the 3861 words, meanings, and for most words, memorable sentence fragments.

Plus, you’ll be able to also download the GRE Vocab CD #1 free.

Best for Who

  1. If you are an American student who is not strong in vocabulary.
  2. If you are a foreigner and English is not your first language.

Why is vocabulary so very important on the GRE test?

It is so important because for most of the people it is more difficult to memorize vocabulary than to beef up math skills.

So if you’ll be able to memorize the high-frequency GRE words (which others find difficult) it can help you get high GRE score.


The words are given in bold (example, the words belabor and buttress below). The meaning is given after the equal sign (=) following a word. The words aren’t necessarily in alphabetical order.

We have used the US spellings. The British spelling of a word, when different from the US spelling, is given in bracket after BRITISH as shown for the word belabor below.

USE gives a sentence fragment carefully chosen for memory. When no sentence fragment is given, a * is shown as in the word buttress below.

belabor (BRITISH = belabour) = to assail verbally, to insist repeatedly or harp on USE = belabor a point buttress = enhance USE = *

#1 Biggest Time-Wasting, Failure-Causing Advice Given by Well Meaning Teachers, Friends, and Even Parents

The mistaken advice is this: Learn 10 new words daily and you’ll be able to know 3650 words in one year.

The advice simply does not work because here is the fact: even as most of the people are capable of learning 10 new words a day, but everybody forgets within a week and many disregard within 24 hours.

Other versions of the same advice include these: use 10 flashcards day, use a dictionary, read English novels, etc.

Important: Please note that it is not your fault because it is the nature of the human mind.


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