GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail

The only book You want to ace the GMAT Reading Comprehension
At a glance
  • Provides a proven strategy to approach RC Passages on the GMAT.
  • Describes the question types tested on the GMAT – How to identify and approach each question type. Also discusses the common traps to look out for in each question type
  • Discussed strategies on Time Management, Intelligent Guessing, Effective Reading, and so forth.
  • Contains 60 GMAT-like Practice passages with more than 200 questions along side detailed explanations for each
  • Topic, Scope, and Passage Map provided for each passage
  • Passages divided into three difficulty levels – Low, Medium, and High
Why is the GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail revolutionary ?

You want three things to do well on GMAT Reading Comprehension You want to know the secrets to reading passages efficiently, learn to identify and tackle different RC Question Types, and practice enough number of passages from myriad subjects to build the requisite mental stamina so that you’ll be able to comprehend dense and boring passages that the GMAT tests you on. 

The GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail has been written keeping the above three points in view. The book spans over 300 pages and is the most comprehensive book available today available in the market to crack the GMAT Reading Comprehension. The book starts by unraveling the secrets to reading passages quickly yet effectively, then moves on to discuss more than a few RC question types and then provides 60 GMAT like practice passages. 
By the time, you finish the book, we assure you that you’re going to not fear reading comprehension on the GMAT anymore because you would have learnt what are the best strategies, which of the them give you the results you want and which don t, you are going to know the types of mistakes you make and what You want to do about them and above all you are going to not be scared of seeing passages from areas that you had no interest in. In short, you are going to be much more confident about taking on RC passages.




















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