GMAT Prep Course

Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for the New GMAT.

Every year students pay as much as $1,000 to test prep companies to prepare for the GMAT. Now you’ll be able to get the same preparation in a book. GMAT Prep Course provides the equivalent of a 2-month, 50-hour course.

Although the GMAT is a difficult test, this is a very learnable test. GMAT Prep Course presents a thorough analysis of the GMAT and introduces a lot of analytic techniques that will help you immensely, not only on the GMAT but in business school as well.


Math: Twenty-two chapters provide comprehensive review of GMAT math.

Integrated Reasoning: Thorough analysis of the new integrated reasoning section.

Logical Reasoning: Discover the underlying simplicity of these problems and learn the tactics the GMAT writers use to obfuscate the answers.

Reading Comprehension: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a passage. (pivotal words, counter-premises, etc.)

Sentence Correction: Comprehensive review of GMAT grammar.

Writing Assessment: Learn how to get top scores on your Analysis of Issue and Analysis of Argument essays.

Mentor Exercises: These exercises provide hints, insight, and partial solutions to ease your transition from seeing GMAT problems solved to solving them on your own.

Also includes GMAT test prep software!

Software features:

Mentor Mode: In Mentor Mode, you are immediately told whether you answered a problem as it should be, and you’ll be able to immediately view a detailed solution of the problem.

Test Mode: In Test Mode, you’ll be able to take a GMAT test timed and scored by the program.
The authors tell you up front: “The GMAT is not easy–nor is this book.” Even as that may seem daunting, the test is challenging for a reason, and if you wish to get into the top business schools, you’ll be able to need to excel in a very competitive field. If you are willing to work hard, the GMAT Prep Course will show you the ropes and get you to score your best. Its refreshing, no-nonsense style reflects the authors’ insistence that it is hard work, not tricks or insider knowledge, that brings success.

An orientation chapter sets the scene and guides you through the basics of what you’ll be able to find inside: overviews of each test section (including the essays) with lots of sample questions and in-depth analyses of correct and wrong answers. No frills here, just lots of practice and some general help with the types of questions you should expect, such as analogies and data sufficiency. Even as some readers might miss the flashy design or eye-catching logos of the competitors, the authors maintain that attention and diligence are all that’s needed to beat the GMAT. If you are up to the challenge, get the GMAT Prep Course and start burning the middle of the night oil. –Rob Lightner



















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