Get Into Graduate School: A Strategic Approach

Get Into Graduate School: A Strategic Approach

Choosing and getting into the right school is an important to getting the most out of your graduate school years — and your future career. We’re here to lend a hand. Kaplan has brought together probably the most nation’s top admissions experts to create this exclusive guide to getting into grad school.

This informative resource includes:

  • Advice from top admissions officers on writing persuasive personal statements, obtaining the most efficient recommendations, preparing your application, and more.
  • Expert guidance on financing grad school, including tips on financial aid, borrowing, and managing expenses.
  • Specialized information for each and every student, including minority students, older students, people with disabilities, and international students.
  • Key resources for grad school applicants, including websites, professional associations, and more.
  • Finding the Right Program for You
  • Paying for Grad School
  • Becoming a Standout Applicant
  • Application DOs and DON’Ts
  • The Role of the GRE

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