Exam Time Care Package

Everything you need to give you energy for Exams
Makes a fantastic gift
A great way to brighten your college student’s day!

Exam time coming up? Are you able for the long nights. This Care Package has The whole lot you want to triumph over even the longest study sessions.
Package includes:

Monster Energy Drink x 1
5 Hour Energy x 2
Coke x 1
Mountain Dew x 1
Tropicanna Orange Juice x 1
Power Bar Energy x 2
Pop Corn x 2
Doritos x 1
Mac and Cheese x 1
Strawberry Poptarts x 2
Fruit Snacks x 2
Reeses x 2
Snickers x 2
5 Gum x 2
Redbull x 3

*items may vary in keeping with availability
The whole lot you want to come up with energy for Exams
Makes an incredible gift
A good way to brighten your college student’s day!
Overflowing with energy boosting snacks and treats for exam time.
Keep your college kid stocked up even though they’re far from home.










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