Drafting Wills & Trusts

Drafting effective wills and Consider allows property to be given to the people or institutions that matter most to an individual. This book explains how to do the special, thoughtful drafting required by someone who in reality cares about distribution of property, care of elderly parents, guardians for young children, or handle pets after the owner is gone. The book is richly illustrated by samples of techniques used in the actual wills and trusts of well-known Americans. Topics covered include: WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT A WILL; CAPACITY TO MAKE A WILL; SELECTING THE TRUSTEES; DESIGNING PET TRUSTS. Realistic, thought-provoking DRAFTING EXERCISES followed by detailed POINTERS FOR DRAFTING help the reader develop the skills needed for effective drafting. The concluding chapters cover related documents, including: MEDICAL AND FINANCIAL POWERS OF ATTORNEY, MEDICAL DIRECTIVES and LIVING WILLS. About the creator: Lucy Marsh, Professor of Law at University of Denver Sturm College of Law is a native to Denver. She is a 1963 graduate of Smith College and a 1966 graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. Whilst attending the University of Michigan, she played a key role in setting up the first legal clinic in Ann Arbor to serve the underprivileged. She has led a distinguished career as an attorney, professor and advocate for community causes. Admitted to the bar in both Connecticut and Colorado, she used to be the first woman elected to the Colorado Bar Association Real Estate Section’s Title Standards Committee, served the city as member of the Denver District Attorney’s Office in the 1970’s, used to be a commissioner to the Colorado Real Estate Commission, and provided legal assistance to the Colorado AIDS project. Her academic career at the University of Denver began in 1973 as a part time professor and led up to her present position as a full professor in 1982. Since that time she used to be voted DU Professor of the Year in 1985 and used to be elected by the students in 1987 to give the commencement address. She now leads a unique program in which the students in her Consider and Estates classes participate in a Will’s Lab, providing free services and products for the indigent and elderly. She also employs a unique teaching tool known as the Technicolor System, attributed to her father, Thompson Marsh, to assist in the learning process by color coding several types of information in student’s legal drafts





















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