Developing Transferable Skills: Enhancing Your Research and Employment Potential (Success in Research)

‘PhD students and young researchers increasingly more find employment outside the world of education. This book is an excellent guide to the skills they are going to need as they make that move.’
– Professor Nigel Vincent, Vice-President for Research & HE Policy, The British Academy

‘This book will have to be required reading for researchers embarking on a research career, particularly those on doctoral training programmes, and academics in their roles as supervisors or managers of researchers.’
– Dr Janet Metcalfe, Chair and Head Vitae

This book provides a succinct guide for doctoral and early career researchers about the nature of transferable skills, why they are needed and how they are able to be acquired, evidenced and marketed.

In the UK, possession of a doctorate is no longer the rarity it once used to be and the competitive economic climate makes it even more critical that doctoral graduates and early career researchers can convince prospective employers of both their specialist and generic skills. In this context, institutions are also required to provide well organised, relevant training in skills development if they are to draw and retain doctoral candidates. Thus, the book also has value for those charged with developing the transferable skills of others.

With coverage of project management, team working, communication, leadership and technical skills, this book is an essential guide for researchers who wish to benefit from the skills you have and acquire the skills they need.

The authors’ work engages them daily in the development of researchers’ skills and they made a substantial contribution to the development of Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework.

The Success in Research series, from Cindy Becker and Pam Denicolo, provides short, authoritative and accessible guides on key areas of professional and research development.  

Avoiding jargon and cutting to the chase of what you really want to know, these practical and supportive books cover a range of areas from presenting research to achieving have an effect on, and from publishing journal articles to developing proposals. They are essential reading for any student or researcher interested in developing their skills and broadening their professional and methodological knowledge in an academic context.





















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