Cracking the MAT, 2nd Edition (Princeton Review: Cracking the MAT)

Proven techniques for scoring high from the country’s leading test-prep company

7 Complete Sample Tests Included

A thorough review of the general knowledge covered by the MAT
Tips for avoiding traps by thinking like the test makers
Strategies for overcoming the test’s cultural biases.
Techniques to help you earn points
The only book with online toughen! (see back cover)

Why will have to I buy this book?
There are other MAT books on the shelves. Some are significantly thicker than this one. But you will have to put them back and buy Cracking the MAT.Other books are long because they are unfocused; somewhat than raise your scores, they’re going to overwhelm you with thousands of questions that have nothing to do with the actual MAT exam. Cracking the MAT offers in-depth instruction on the skills covered by the MAT exam. Then it shows you how to use that knowledge to quickly attack and answer test questions. We won’t waste your time. Everything in this book will help raise your score on the MAT exam. We spend over two million dollars a year in research and development to make certain that Princeton Review students receive thoroughly tested, up-to-date materials. No one can raise scores as we will. Our techniques are based on a thorough analysis of the most recent exams. And when the tests change, we change. Read this book. Practice our techniques on a real exam. And if you want more personal attention, we will tutor you. Whatever you do, we wish you good luck.

Who is The Princeton Review?
Ask the 70,000 students who took our intensive six-week courses last year. Or the millions who bought our books. They’re going to tell you The Princeton Review means the best in test prep. Our courses are: Personal: Our classes are grouped by shared test-taking strengths and weaknesses and consist of eight to fifteen students. You’ll be able to work at your own pace. And if you don’t understand a concept, we’ll work with you, in person, until you do. Efficient: The Princeton Review is a systematic approach to solving test problems. We combine solid academic preparation with revolutionary test-taking techniques to maximize scores. And Effective: The Princeton Review guarantees results–if you complete the course, take the test, and aren’t satisfied with your score, we’ll work with you again, free. Backing our courses–and our books and software–is over two million dollars a year in training and research. No one knows standardized tests better than we do. And no student is better prepared than a Princeton Review student.



















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