Chemistry Lab Set – Advanced Level AA

Digital Scale – 1000g x 0.1g – Weighs in grams or oz.
Rectangular Strengthen Stand – Rugged 6″ x 4″ base for stability. Base drilled and tapped on edge. Plated steel rod may also be unscrewed from base for storage. Chemical resistant, strong metal construction.
Cast Iron Strengthen Ring – 3″ with brass thumbscrew, enamel plated.
Buret Clamp – Spherical jaws gently hold a burette and lock at any angle. Single jaw opens approximately 3/8″ to 1 3/4″ and is rotatable to 360′ Overall length approx 6 1/2″
Alcohol Lamp – 120ml
Wire Gauze – 4″ Sq.
Spatula – Nuffield taste, double ended – stainless-steel
2 Dropping Pipets
7 3/4″” Glass Stirring Rod
Take a look at Tube Clamp
Crucible Tongs
Take a look at Tube Brush
Wood 6 Place Take a look at Tube Strengthen
6 Take a look at Tubes – 3 – 13 x 100mm, 2 – 15x125mm & 1-16x150mm
Laboratory Thermometer – Red spirit filled, graduated -10′ to 150’C, 12″ long. Lines are numbered and permanently fused to the glass.
Serological Pipet -0.2ml
Porcelain Pestle & Mortar – 60mm
Poly Funnel- 50mm
Polypropylene Graduated Measuring Cylinder – 10ml
Borosilicate Glass Graduated Measuring Cylinder – 50ml, heavy base with pouring lip.
3 Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flasks – 500ml – 250ml – 100ml
1 Spherical Bottom Boiling Flask – 100ml
2 Borosilicate Beakers – 250ml – 100ml
1 Poly Griffin Beaker – 50ml
Crucible – 50mm
5″ Stainless Steel Forceps












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