Case Studies & Cocktails: The “Now What?” Guide to Surviving Business School

In spite of everything the hard work on your application, you’re after all in to business school. Now what? The acceptance letter is just the beginning of your MBA experience. Even before classes start, you’ll be able to face all kinds of new challenges: financing your degree, readjusting to homework, schmoozing recruiters. Now you’ll be able to turn to this book, produced by Manhattan GMAT–some of the leading names in GMAT preparation–to ready you for the challenges you’ll be able to face as a newly-minted MBA candidate.

Case Studies & Cocktails will be your go-to guide as you prepare to enter your MBA program and all through your time at b-school. The authors–MBAs themselves–have drawn on their own experiences and interviewed current students for the inside scoop on every aspect of b-school, from telling the boss you’re going back to school to balancing wine and cheese in one hand even as networking. The result is both a handbook for the social side of school and an academic primer on the material you will have to master. The book even includes a glossary of need-to-know jargon, so you won’t feel lost when classmates start slinging around acronyms.

What Faculty & Students Are Saying:

“I think this is an awesome idea. There are tons of books out there about how to get in but nothing about how to live to tell the tale business school.” –Dr. Tim Flood, Assistant Professor of Management and Corporate Communication, UNC’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business

“This is a totally underserved market. The elation of getting in is awesome but then reality sets in. You have to decide. Then you send in your thousand dollar check and you get this giant book of stuff to do and a t-shirt and its overwhelming. You’re proud to wear your t-shirt, but it’s tough to get through the rest. No one tells you when to quit your job, when to stop traveling, how to find roommates and a place to live. I would definitely have read [Case Studies & Cocktails] if I knew it was around. I might have even read it as an aspirational thing before I applied.” -Matt, Ross ’11, President, Student Government Association

“I love what this book is talking about. There’s a real need for this. I’m so glad to see that someone is getting this done — I just wish we’d thought of it.” Al Catrone, Chief Administrative Officer, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business

“Any insight is great. Read all of this advice and it’s going to make you more wide-eyed and ready to absorb. Be ready to take it all in because you never know what’s next.” -Liz, Berkeley – Haas ’11, President, MBA Association





















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