Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Coloring Skills

Become familiar with crayons and coloring
Easy to follow
Ages 4 to 5

This book will help your child Grow to be familiar with crayons as they complete coloring activities. The use of crayons is a precursor to learning to write with a pencil so your child will not only have fun but be prepared for school. Kumon workbooks are based on the “Kumon Method”, an educational philosophy that aims at unlocking the full learning potential of each individual child. The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step by step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. In consequence, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to be informed on their own. Over 3.5 million children all over the world use the Kumon Method to develop their math and reading skills. Kumon Math and Reading Centers help students Grow to be successful, confident and self-motivated learners. But it is not just the Kumon Method that makes our workbooks special. It is usually the care and research that goes into the editorial content, design and quality of the books. Our editorial experts have more than two decades of experience in producing books that are both fun and educational. Our designers create illustrations that attract and delight children. And the quality of our books is the best of any workbook available on the market, with extra thick paper and the best to be had print quality. From pedagogy to paper, every one of our workbooks has been carefully crafted with your child’s best interests in mind.
Grow to be familiar with crayons and coloring
Easy to follow
Ages 4 to 5















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