AirbrushTech: Learn to Custom Paint and Airbrush

Airbrush-Tech-Live was launched and went online early 2006. It welcomed all artists and encouraged them to participate in the groundbreaking new media format of Digital Interactive. Airbrush-Tech-Live was created on account of a want to make stronger over previous publications which have been geared towards teaching quite a lot of art forms. In a short amount of time, the digital magazine became one of the vital leading places for artists to gather and became hugely popular around the world. The Digital Magazine ran strong until 2010 when it was closed as a result of the collapse of the custom paint & airbrushing industry. Assembled in this book are a number of the stories and educational step by step articles that were once a part of one the largest resource centers on the Internet for airbrush artists, fine artists, pinstripers and custom painters. The contents within are designed to quickly advance a beginner to a pro. The step by step articles have been written by award winning artists, Steven Craig, Denise Thurston, Mike Learn, Jason Jewett, Armando Huerta and many others. It takes many years to obtain the experience and expertise that is included in this book that will be advisable to anyone from not having to learn by trial and error. Inside are in depth features on Professional Bodywork, Paint Repair and Color Sanding & Buffing show winning finishes. There are airbrushing tutorials for beginners, and advanced step by step articles for serious professionals such as how to paint special effects as faux metal grinding, wood grain, Crystal Effect and Chrome. Also inside are many illustrating lessons to have you painting like a master of the airbrush. We take a tour of the world famous Coast Airbrush Facility, teach you how to start up a money making business doing temporary airbrushed tattoos, and interviews with world renowned Artists Mike Learn and Armando Huerta. Plus… there is much, much more inside that is advisable to anyone serious or tinkering with Custom Paint & Airbrushing.

















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