Ace Your Medical School Interview: Includes Multiple Mini Interviews MMI For Medical School

Ace Your Medical School Interview which includes a section on Multiple Mini Interviews MMI for medical school is the most student centred interview preparation book available to achieve success in your medical school interviews. 

This book is not overly long, it doesn’t contain reams and reams of information which is unattainable to memorize let alone reproduce in an interview. What it does do is set out a huge bank of actual questions asked in medical school interviews as reported by actual candidates and gives you a vital analysis of the key areas the interviewers will be searching for in your answers.
The book starts with advice about things you’ll be able to do well before your interview to gain an edge over other candidates. It also gives vital advice on psychological techniques you’ll be able to use to build rapport with the interviewers, body language, and two verbal tricks you’ll be able to use to buy time even as thinking of an answer to questions.
It also warns you about the dirty tricks interviewers may use to unsettle you and how to respond along with advice on the top 5 interview mistakes which could wreck your chances of a place at medical school.
Next it goes into detail about the top ten most continuously asked questions followed by the next 66 most common questions as reported by actual candidates along with suggested answers which show you the common themes and patterns. Armed with this knowledge you’re going to learn how to adapt your life experiences to answer questions on any topic and never be left struggling for words.
There is also a further bank of 153 questions which students can use to practice with in their own mock interviews.
Also included is an essential chapter on answering ethical case studies covering the 4 themes which nearly all the time appear in medical school interview scenarios which are: 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Consent 
  • Resource Allocation 
  • End of Life Decisions 
Finally there is a comprehensive chapter on multiple mini interviews MMI for medical school which guides you through the kinds of scenarios which may appear in an MMI and the skills the interviewers will be searching for as you complete the tasks.
If you are worried about your medical school interviews then this book will allow you to take keep an eye on of the situation. It’s going to walk you through the process step by step building your confidence as you go preparing you for interview success.




















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