A Dam in the River: Releasing the Flow of University Ideas

A Dam in the River challenges the academic culture and conventions that leave the vast majority of Americans out of contact with university ideas. The book shows what types of university ideas are important for most of the people and why, reveals several reasons why public get right of entry to to these ideas is so limited, and offers a comprehensive strategy for opening the sluice gates and letting the ideas waft, at little or no financial cost. The book shows how somebody, on- or off-campus, could lend a hand enforce this strategy, for the good thing about all. What types of benefit can ideas provide? An idea can change a mind, change a life, change the world. In five years of research for the book, Dr. Camhi conducted 155 in-depth interviews of presidents and other academic leaders at 26 of The usa’s most distinguished universities and colleges, plus 13 additional academic organizations. He also carried out surveys, analyzed other national surveys, calculated the numbers of Americans engaged in quite a lot of campus-based activities, studied the content of these activities, and analyzed the writings of The usa’s greatest academic leaders. A Dam in the River is written in a well-liked style, and with a touch of humor. Readers require no academic background. The book is intended to inspire, and then lend a hand guide, a movement to make the ideas generated at The usa’s great universities and colleges accessible to all Americans, for the public good.
















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