30 Day GMAT Success, Edition 3: How I Scored 780 on the GMAT in 30 Days and How You Can Too!

“My score increased from a 690 to a 780!! Brandon Wu’s strategy is one of efficient and effective studying… this book did wonders for me. ” – Grete

“…one of the simplest ways to QUICKLY study and prepare for the exam so you’ll be able to pass and get on with your life. ” – Christy

“I have gone from a Data Sufficiency zero to hero… the real gold is the strategies that are found in this book. ” – Bob Y.

Edition 3 of 30 Day GMAT Success is after all here! We took into account feedback from readers and professional reviewers to make 30 Day GMAT Success even better! Also includes advice and practice questions for the new Integrated Reasoning section. 

Brandon Wu’s GMAT Success Story – as seen on the Graduate Schools Magazine front page feature “The Perfect Time to Take Your Graduate Test”

Cuts through the BS and is written in a way that is very accessible to the reader.” – Chau

“… eased my anxiety. I used the book as a guide and liked that it lays out the study plan, what to do, how to approach your strengths and weaknesses..” – Caroline

“… really helped me to focus and discipline myself to keep studying… I found [it] to be a great supplement to the Official Guides and I would definitely recommend it to others.” – JM

New! Added Features for Edition 3: 
– Added Integrated Reasoning section for the latest GMAT tests
– Expanded Verbal and Math sections to include even more detailed advice! 
– More of ‘Brandon’s Tips’ peppered all the way through – personal advice that the writer used himself on test day.
– An easy-reference Math terminology section.
– The Idiom cheat-sheet Brandon studied from.
– Even more Verbal and Math practice questions to consolidate your understanding. Plus reference to similar types of questions on the Official Guide 13th edition for further studying. 

– More than 100 pages of new content compared to the 2nd edition and twice as muchcompared to the 1st edition – better and better every year!

Struggling to find time to study for the GMAT? Brandon Wu’s 30 Day GMAT Successmight be exactly the right treatment for you. 

Devised out of desperation and an impending admissions deadline, Brandon developed a highly effective strategy that aimed to; 

(A) achieve a high score in (B) a limited amount of time

What he discovered was genius – a simple way to create a self-tailored study plan that enabled him to achieve a fantastic score of 780. That put him in the top 1% of all GMAT test-takers! Eliminate the wish to over-study everything and learn way too many strategies. Study smart:cut down your workload, focus on your weakest spots, and create a plan just for you! 

What you are going to not find here is a repetition of practice questions. Practice questions are incredibly valuable and necessary, and there are improbable books such as The Official Guide for GMAT Review published by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). But how do you navigate the sea of information and seemingly endless questions? 30 Day GMAT Successis the first and only book designed to supplement your current GMAT study – laying out a 30 day customizable study plan, helps you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and guides you to supercharge your study. 

Supercharge your study today! 

“…the book is solid and would totally recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of taking the GMAT.” Fil
Are you struggling to find time to study for the GMAT? 

Then Brandon Wu’s 30 Day GMAT Success is for you. Start today!





















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