101 Ways to Score Higher on Your GRE: What You Need to Know About Your Graduate Record Exam Explained Simply

101 Ways to Score Higher on Your GRE is filled with practice questions and reviews of test topics, including antonyms, analogies, sentence completion, reading comprehension, vocabulary, analytical writing, quantitative comparisons, data interpretation, and math concepts. Additionally, You are going to be provided with a comprehensive vocabulary list. One of the crucial strategies You are going to learn include how to solve analogies when you do not know the meaning of the words and how to solve algebra problems by plugging in numbers in place of variables.

Every year more than 350,000 people take the Graduate Record Exam, more commonly known as the GRE. Approximately 60 percent of graduate programs require applicants to take the GRE, making it necessary to get a good score. An average score on the GRE is around 500 on the verbal and quantitative sections and a four on the writing section. How are you able to boost your score and ensure acceptance into the graduate program of your choice? Reading 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your GRE and the use of the techniques provided within is one way to take action.

In this new book, You are going to learn about and understand the scoring system, as well as the computerized format and the content. You are going to learn how to read questions as it should be, keep an eye on your anxiety, and approach each section. In addition, You are going to be presented with a list of resources that can assist you prepare and dozens of proven strategies, mindsets.

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