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5 Study Tips To Ace College

Keeping motivated in college is hard especially when you don’t have anyone there to make you finish your homework and get you to class on time. Since you are on your own now, you’ll need to make a game plan on how to stay on top of your school work and ace your way through school. Don’t get overwhelmed though these easy tip will make study (at least a little) more enjoyable:

Take Notes

Taking detailed notes in class will make it easier to study for test in the future. Pay close attention anytime the professor talk about about something not in the textbook as that will most likely also be cover in the test. Also date your notes so you know what pages to study.

Schedule a Nightly or Weekly Study Hour

Stay on top of your school work by setting an hour every day. This will prevent you from falling behind. Plus you can reward yourself if you finish early or don’t have any homework that night. The point is it get yourself in the habit of studying every night. That way you can avoid cramming for a test and having to pull an all night study session.

Take Advantage of Study Groups

Ask your classmates if they would like to study together so you can help each prepare for tests. That why you can hold each other accountable and you will be able to help each other if you have any questions. If you still have questions, take advantage of your professor and teaching aids office hours. They will be more than help and you might even get them to tell you what topics they are going to use on the test.

Make Flash Cards

Make flash cards for important terms and definitions and carry them with you everywhere. Pull them out while you are sitting on the bus or waiting for class to start. The boredom of having nothing to do might just make you WANT to study.

Go to Class

Last but not least. Go to class! Even if attendance isn’t mandatory, you will start failing behind if you don’t go. Plus you might miss things that aren’t in the textbook but might be on the test.

College is fun but can be very hectic. We hope these tips will help you stay on top of your schoolwork and still have fun. What is your favorite study tip? Feel free to leave us a comment below.



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